PAGE ONE: The Adventure Begins Iss. #2 Vol. #1

MegaRdaniels on Oct. 6, 2018

HI THERE! How are you today! Yes I know the art is different! I know, I know. I got a new artist - or artists for this. Plus, I'm thinking about launching my Patreon soon for those who want to support me.

I have finished the first 15 PAGES of the SECOND ISSUE! Yes finally the second issue.

This is the MOST I have ever produced! This gives me more time to plan and everything! I'm very proud of myself to say you will get an update for 15 weeks, plus more once I'm done wtith the extra pages. So you'll get the entire issue in just a few months instead of two years unlike the first issue.

Speaking of the First Issue, look for the print soon!

I'll post the print poster soon. The art will be redrawn and I hope you all like it.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this page, looking forward to look for your responses next week!