The Half-Conscious Delusions of a Madman Title

Gregory on Aug. 9, 2010

The Half-Conscious Delusions of a Madman

Don't press the back button. The story starts here. Or just pull it off the drop down list.

So, as time goes on and things get serious, life gets a little less magical and a little more real. This is the first of a whole bunch of short comic stories straddling the line between funny and immediate, though I'm not sure I'll be uploading them to the Duck. I'll drop a link if they pop up some place else.

Taught myself GIMP with these, so they get better as they go on. Also it pixelizes like a mother fucker so if anyone's got any tips for fixing that, I'm all ears.

And a warm howdy to all them people still on the Duck from waaaay back when.