#7 (6/23/2006) Burnt pop-tarts and imposters

Cobalt on June 22, 2006

You know, I don't think Mario really cares about anything. He just kinda blows whatever way the wind blows…giggity.

I think I need to set some ground rules for comments. All around, I don't care about low-scores. It's when people don't give a reason that pisses me off. Generic crap like, “0mg yer comix sux d00d!” or “Not good”, then they give me a 2 or 1. If you're going to give me a low score, give me a legit reason, or I'll report your comment. Simple as that. If you can't handle that rule, then don't waste your time commenting on my comic. If you don't like the comic, tell me what I can do to improve, and I'll respect that. I'm not doing this for perfect scores, I'm doing it mostly for myself, because I enjoy it. But it really pisses me off when people give me low scores without a legitimate reason.

So that's the deal. Low score without a reason= Report. Or if you decide you want to flame me without rating, just for the sake of saying something like, “YOUR MOM EATS DIAREAH AND YOUR COMIC SUCKS AND I WANT TO PEE ALL OVER IT IN A RIVER ON A TUESDAY NIGHT WITH COTTAGE CHEESE UP MY ASS, YOU SUCK SUCK SUCK!! I HATE YOUR COMIC!!! YOUR GUNS ARE PIECES OF BREAD!!!!”…well…then I'll probably mute it. And laugh at how retarded you are.