toasterhead page 28

stickboybob on Nov. 23, 2010

SAUERKRAUT AND FIDDLESTICKS!! Despite what some people with abnormally elongated esophaguses would have you believe, I am, in fact, neither dead nor dying. Perpetually somewhere in between i like to say. here's the word. I have been painting and writing music like mad these past few months and i am proud to say i have multiple works in galleries around town and an album set to release on ITUNES sometime in the next month or two. unfortunatly, this means i havent had time for toasterhead. oh deary me.
on the other hand, chrismaticus is upon us and, apart from hanging stockings, stuffing bats, and generally mucking about, i will have nothing to to BUT do toaster head. here's the next page as a token of my good intentions you greedy little corporate gnomes you.