Volume 6: The Adventures of Torando! The Fundamentalist Funnel Cloud, Part I: Halloween Special

thegreatjoebivins on Oct. 29, 2007

I was stuck sitting at a desk for awhile today with nothing to do and, driven in part by the guilt of not having finished the next page of HAIC yet and in part by my love of Halloween, I decided to do this ALL ANALOG Torando Halloween Special! Even better, thanks to the inspiration of this comic, I finally came up with an idea for something new to do with Torando and so when I finish HAIC's current story I'll be doing some more Torandos! YOU'RE HAPPY, YES?

Here's something I haven't got to mention here yet: I am currently in the planning stages of the Torando movie (tentatively titled Torando!: The Motion Picture). More details are available on my blog, but you'll have to look several posts back to when I first announced it.