bravo1102 on June 17, 2014

I'm still editing the script.  The ship is built and it is casted.  I'll have to double up on some of the uniforms as budget doesn't allow for more Star Fleet uniform purchases.  The shiop sets look a lot esier than I thought they would and I don't have to go with canon as this is supposed to be an alternate incarnation of the Federation and Star Fleet.

As written in the Star Fleet manual (first edition) it was received via a mistaken subspace radio transmission.  Well what if a certain TV producer accidently intercepted an experiment in telepathy and a sudden rush of images of this Federation, Star Fleet, Vulcans and uniforms of variously colored velour shirts?  So it exists right now in space nearby with some of the humans who had seeded the stars in our distant past as presented in the Robofemoid stories.
This is the goofy cover and the gals don't appear very happy.  The actual sotry may be a bit darker than originally conceived, so be forewarned.