Chapter Two, page 22

Net on Feb. 5, 2011

Recent Updates :: Feb 6th, 2011

Next Upate :: Mar 31st, 2011

* Matt and Michelle peek out from beneath their respective mountains of work * Ah yes, we are back! Sorry about the delays, both artist and writer have been absolutely sWAMPED with work-related events. We're both still in the middle of massive projects, so the next update is planned for the end of March.

Meanwhile, Michelle has been sponsoring a ‘Fanart for a Spider Forest Member’ since November. She's had a lot of fun reading and drawing characters from other Spider Forest comics, and has posted both her gift art to others and gift art received (or will once we get a handle on some HTML issues… Matt would like to point out that he's the writer, and has a HORRID grasp of HTML, which Michelle has only just realized).

Finally, the site will no longer be updated, and in fact will be disappearing at some point. Michelle decided not to renew the site in light of the fact that she's had no time to manage it and that TTG has become her primary focus over her ‘other artwork’.

See ya next time! :D