46 - Darkness Beyond by Wingnut

Gregory on Dec. 10, 2006

Darkness Beyond

Today's page is brought to you by none other than the fabulous Wingnut. The colors alone are great, and the personality each character has is also top notch. Look at this page and enjoy. Then go to Wingnut's recently featured comic and enjoy that.


Hey! I could really use some volunteers to work on this comic. I do believe I am out of future contributors. If you're interested in helping out, drop me a line via PQ or email at twighlightaz(aaat)yahoo(doot)com. It's fun, I promise.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

The Councilman has followed the villain and the young lady to a port town. Today At that same town, our hero notices that there is Darkness emanating from the sea.


Well, that's all I've got to say about that. Make sure you check out Wingnut's comic and make sure you saw the previous update (it was a good'un). (Also, this list is getting kind of long.)

The Average, Ho-hum, Banal Gregory
The Lovely, Indefatigable Jenshin
The Buoyant, Gracious BigFatBirdWithNoLegs
The Creative, Detailed, Expansive Terminal
The Eerie, Intense Wickedrealms
The Beautiful underground
The Silly, Dedicated, Beneficent Elliot
The Artistic, Adventurous, Wild Katrina
The Gritty crazy_go_nuts
The Proper Jillyfoo
The Solid, Amiable Mort
The Talented, Awesome, Indomitable Wazaga
The Stoic VaqueZ
The Impressive, Didactic R.VERA
The Dramatic Sparkyradio
The Enjoyable Mina Lunga
The Pretty blueyes
The Wild Petur
The Wonderful priuscomet
The Ambitious, Gamely Ramirezul
The Righteous, Excellent Mark
The Exuberant Webber
The Skillful Seth Teter
The Romantic insanelysane
The Surprising Tantz Aerine
The Versatile jiminycricketX
The Personable Wingnut