Sewer King 01.10

baby doll daily on Nov. 21, 2012

(Been trying to upload this for a while -__-)
New page lalala.
I am so goddamn lazy with making speech bubbles in illustrator. I seriously could not put less effort in.
Their breakfast nook looks so cozy .
is it just me, or is Johanna the least curious person ever? That she's
been content to just not know what Shylock does for a living. She's just
read books in the (sometimes) sunshine, napped, ate, WATCHED Shylock,
but never actually had the ‘what do you do?’ conversation.
she's curious, she's inquisitive, but it's not important to her. She has
the mind but not the drive - probably the biggest difference between
her and Shy.
One experiences life without purpose, the other purpose without life.
This is my rule 63 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. To read/see more, check out my gallery and the Sewer King folder.
Me with my Shylock hair (though now I'm back to being my ginger again):