Issue One, Page 2

Fly Hue on Sept. 12, 2010

We clearly see Adamantine and The Torch Lighter for the first time. Another debate I went into with myself– nudity. Adamantine, TL, and her family are all characters who I do not plan to show wearing attire. At least yet, I mean. I juggled with this issue a tiny bit, then decided to go with it. Children are pretty naked people. I remember plenty of media from my childhood both intended for my age group and not that went along with the casually forsaking of the clothes thing and after the initial giggles it didn't really phase me. So I'm going to like just do what I want in this instance. I honestly don't imagine the CentaurÄ“s being the type of people to wear clothes. The entire concept sounds really awkward to me. Like I guess armor would work, but other than that… Sorry. I'm rambling now.