Brief intro to characters

rayanz on Oct. 26, 2006

Basically the comic will not be a story based comic it will just be random strips about the random coversations people may have.

I'll give you a brief idea about what these characters will be like

Dezzie - is a little bit over weight Red head who likes to think she's sexy (and cool)
Lea - is a very angery person, and is also a wigger (chick at the bottom of page)
Jaz - a miss understood rebel with a cause (also dezzies bestfriend)
Jillian - a typical blond
Damien - an accident waiting to happen (hance the eye patch)
Billy - a frog (don't ask, no one else does)
Timmy - a cat boy
Kyle - brazilian exchange student that everyone thinks is really a girl when he's actually a boy
The Kat - just a cat that appears in the weirdest times and moments

Oh and don't expect these comics to be this long again!!! OMG!!! cause like this drawing style is time consuming so expect them to be like four panels long or something.