File One: Inauguration

Xaam on Dec. 3, 2006

Dearest readers:

Hello and salutations! My name is Xaam and I'm really excited to finally get this project underway.

As of right now, things will be updating slowly. The story is coming along at a good pace though.

Let's just say that I'll be able to update about every ten days as of right now. As for my other comics, they have been put on hold due to some unforseen problems with the production.

As far as The Bermuda Dossier goes, I hope that you all enjoy the work, it's turning out to be a pleasure to work on.

Once again, welcome!


Hey everybody, just a quick update on the progress!

I am working on the next three strips right now. It's looking like I will be updating this comic on Fridays or Saturdays. So check back this weekend for the next page.

Thanks again for the wonderful comments. :)