The Cherub Brothers: Chapter 3.35

Magor on Oct. 17, 2018

need to really keep on these updates. i've been thrown off due to some personal things with my so, or even if we're still a thing. i really hope so. you know it's those things you never really plan to happen and one thing i loathe is making myself vulnerable emotionally there's certain things i take seriously. but hoping for the best. been feeling like this giant weight on my chest and having really bizarre violent dreams more frequently but i think i'll be ok. i really can't regress into drinking this away. it's hard but i'm trying my best.

back to this update. takes place eariler in the day. those who aren't sure about the time frame this is the same day nani arrived in chapter 2, and the same day/night of the bunny crew shenanegins. Bree is the first to hear about nani's vision, and doesn't seem to doubt it. it's alluded she knows more than shit think but you'll see.

She's got a soft spot for nani.

though nani's got her own sort of issues. with her she gets worried that she's so used to being treated like shit/abused she starts crushing on those who show just a bit of kindness. kinda a form of escaping and wanting to feel even a little bit loved.