The Cherub Brothers Chapter 9.00 (COVER)

Magor on Feb. 26, 2021

how's everyone doing?

an update on my end, because of how crazy the plumber situation is here I'm not gonna have one show up until March 16. that's awhile with no running water and it's so fucked up. but whatever. massive crop wreck here and idk what the future is gonna hold. only two pages are going live this week since I want chapter 9 started next week.

Chapter 9 is super long, probs the longest one i've done so far. it's about 150ish pages so that's gonna take up the rest of the year. Last page of the intermission and the next one will be the cover page for chapter 9, i don't have much else to say about those pages or anythign else except if you want to buy stuff/merch follow the link or message me.