The Cherub Brothers Chapter 10.71

Magor on Sept. 23, 2022


i've been really busy as of late with october shows, i set up tables and sell my art and books. i sell em cheap at these festivals and i get soem guff for it because why sell them at rinky festivals for dirt cheap? my stuff moves slow and i barley make any sales online. it's okay i'm not complaining. i'm not even going to pull a crybaby fit about any website or paypig followers because it's utterly pointless. i have other reasons why i have it low but i'm never in the negatives with this stuff.

honestly i'm just happy peopple read this comic…it's nice…

amyway here's more of the background of the town. i little fun fact, out of this week's 3 page update, the second page i did high on photoshop. dunno if it works but it's good for me to letter and post it.

if you want to buy art or merch click on my link below. thanks for reading and have a good weekend.