Halo 3 beta. Impressive to lesser beings.

LH_Franzibald on May 18, 2007

As mentioned earlier, the Halo 3 beta was made to impress lesser beings. Like me, it has done that with flying colors. But the difference between me and the Halo 3 beta is that, quite frankly, I'm better at it. I don't feel I need to bring up the “collective effort to achieve something moderately amazing” speech from a few days ago. It has earned it's rightful place in the blog archives for all to relish in where it need not bother to move. I am generous, I know. It comes with the greatness, like Spiderman, only without the curses. I am a flawless diamond after all.

The important matter at hand though. Has the Halo 3 beta impressed ME? More than most video games, to be sure. Definitely better than Halo 2, which is the best game ever made up until the September release of Halo 3. But if that game doesn't clone my perfect entity and let me stare at my undying perfection for hours on end, has it really done something worth while? Not really.

I was never eager to play Halo 3 as I was never promised something as amazing as me, which is honestly asking too much of you commoners. An impressive game? Indeed. A game as impressive as me? Not in a thousand eternities will such a feat occur.

-L.H. out!