Poetry. Pure, raw, and too hot for TV.

LH_Franzibald on May 12, 2007

The Halo 3 beta, aka testing the sequel to the best game ever made, starts later this week. Most of you probably can't wait to play it. Me, on the other hand, Halo 3 can't wait for me to play it. Allow me to explain.

Video games are limited to the people who create them. There are a handful of people with a small percentage of greatness making the Halo series. Accumulating their raw talent and urge to achieve perfection and they end up making something almost as amazing as me. I don't make video games. I make the greatest webcomic in the universe. If I were to make a video game, Halo wouldn't have to exist anymore as there would be no possible way to compete with a game made by the great L.H. Franzibald.

There is your lesson in “Greatness 101” for the day. Spread the wisdom.

-L.H. out!