Another filler

angelica_carlstedt on May 2, 2009

i know, still no page. i am really sorry. but stuff is still abit crazy, and my scanner and everything else is still at my parents house, so…

aw well, i'm not dead anyways..
and no, this pic has absolutly nothing to do with the story, it's just a real quick sketch, hence the messy look, i did the other day since my new boyfriend wanted to see something i'd drawn lol

he's actually another reason things been crazy, since i live in sweden as u know, but my boyfriend live in ireland o_O
lol, long distance relationship indeed ^^
going back there on the 15th, so yeah, it's abit crazy atm..

i hope i'll get this back up and running in a not so distant future though..

til then..
see ya!