Sir Penguinbuddha on July 23, 2009

I don't pretend this is of any quality. At all. Point is, though, this comic is over. I'm taking your advice, amanda, and starting over. Not sure where the plot may end up after my excruciating hours of brainstorming, but, oh well. I plan on sporadically updating this with sketches of this new comic of mine, so uhh, look forward to it? No, really don't, it's going to be more like cheap entertainment from MTV or something- unorganized and confusing. It also will probably be a while when I put up the first page, since i actually want to do this right this time-buffer and everything.

Anyway, sketches later with the post here as an example of their quality. 'Till next time!

~Sir Penguin of Devious planning Buddhas