Homage to Amelius

meemjar on Aug. 7, 2009

Two of my favorite comics on the site is ‘Charby the Vampirate’
and ‘Unlife is unfair’ both by Amelius.
So I couldn't resist this little tip of the hat to the lady.

Clockwise from the top left;

Bear vs. Zombies by Zaymac
Smorty Smythe by Me Emjar
Villain next door by RoyDuncan
Katmandi by Darkwaterfrey
Putrid Meat by Pit_Face
Charby the Vampirate by Amelius
Purgatory Tower by Silentkitty
Cwen's Quest by Nick Stroffolino & Sarah Nelson
Hasben & Hash by Croxtonhas
Cru the Dwarf by Cru
Unlife is unfair by Amelius
WarriorBorn by Cyberdog
Harkovast by Harkovast
Villainy Minor by Evil Emperor Nick
Dead centre: Amelius the Beautiful

My apologies to the MANY MANY I left out of the picture. I could only get so many in and so settled for those that were mostly mutually enjoyed comics as well as a few personal favorites of both of us.

My sincerest praises to Amelius!