54 - 12.06.09

theends on Dec. 5, 2009

OK, I have a LOT to say here, so here we go:

Yes, this is THE END of The Ends! I am currently writing a prequel to the story that explores who Jason was before he woke up in the desert - BUT, to be honest, I can't say when that will come to fruition, or if it ever will (although I hope otherwise). If you think the story ended too early, you'll need to take that up with my wife, who thought the late nights of inking The Ends would NEVER end!

I will post the cover in a few days (turned out really cool, I think).

Also, The Ends will be available in print. I will release details on where to order it as soon as it's ready to go. This was always designed for print, and it looks really, really cool.

If you are NEW to the Ends, this is a great time to read it, because I've recently updated some of the earliest pages.

The Ends started as a drawing exercise for me, and really came alive when I started getting a lot of readers. I want to thank everyone for that, and for motivating me to finish this chapter.

I planned on The Ends being a 54-page stapled printed comic, but as the story grew, I'll admit it became a little cramped. But here we are at Page 54, and I need to take some time off to focus on my freelance work (we're building a house, so I need some extra cash) and, oh yeah, my family too! I remember them . . . hope they remember me! :)

Basically my intention was to write a story about a strange world, and create a comic that was fun and easy to read. I like to leave a lot of room for the reader's interpretation.

However, if there is anything about the story that is just bugging you and keeping you up at night - please post your questions/comments here, and I will try to answer them as best I could.

Thank you so much for reading my story, and for voting it Best Sci-Fi of 2009!

If you learned anything from the Ends: Never forget what you are, and Never sleep with radioactive weapons.

-Brian Allen

@Senex - thanks man, that's a huge compliment.
@Product Placement - Thanks! The Future Jason's appear because time is so distorted, that the lines between different “time paths” are blurred, and in some cases, merged. The purgatory is a nice theory. I can't say that I really know where they are, exactly. But their world was once much more like ours in some ways.
@MeHighLow - I agree that things are a little cramped. Next story, I intend on pacing it over several issues, instead of trying to cram it into one.
@Seelengst - The Ends will be back some day, cheer up :)
@I Am The 1227 Master - Huge compliment, but I am not worthy! He is a huge inspiration though.