Fat Bastard's BBQ pg.7

PJBRO on Dec. 6, 2007

the newest page in the BBQ story

this project is taking entirely too long to finish! But once I do get started on the pages i have a lot o fun with them

this page accomplishes a few things that I think are noteworthy - This is the first of the FB pages to be hand-lettered (which doesn't look perfect, but is great practice for me) and it marks the first time i was able to arrange a refrence shot with action figures (panel 5)

If you were curious, here's how the action figures correspond:
FB: Age of Apocalypse Wolverine
Urkel: Shard
(from the left)
Furnature guy 1: Weapon x wolverine
Furnature guy 2: Robot suit wolverine
Furnature guy 3: Nate Grey
Furnature guy 4: Dr. Strange