Intermission Page... once again ^^

Avart on Feb. 7, 2021

Hi there!

I'm sorry for being absent in a long time but I was busy working on the DD Anthology, which I finished a week ago (16 full color pages), it was a bit strange because the last time I made ‘comic pages’ in the traditional layout was like in 2018 before I focused in the Webtoon format. But now it's done :)

I still need time to make the new layout for the next chapter and check the script, but things are going well.

Also, I'm working (editing) the “Lost Chapter” of my comic, the one that was suposed to be the last one and final of ‘The Gloom’. Maybe I'll upload it before the next chapter, but I can't say when will be that time.

Anyway, if there's still someone who read this, I left you with Hitomi and Kokoro in a suggestive pose (and don't ask me why Kokoro is tied because I don't know XD).

Thanks for reading!