Chapter 4, Page 3

mt1608 on Feb. 18, 2009

A crowded city scene, with plenty of distractions for the wayward visitor…
I spent a lot of time on this page to get it (reasonably) right. This page is tribute to some of the great comic artists on DD, who have (and still continue to inspire me), in some way or another, to do this comic.
Without further ado, the characters:

The handsome, sword-swinging paladin who faces hordes of evil on a regular, day-and-night job basis without flinching– Korsair of Engine! By

The super-sleuthing, magic-using detective who is no doubt going to make a bang with her return– Andy of Tales from The Cornerstone! By

Is she a wolf? Is she a human? Well, this ever-entertaining wanderer with the energy of a child is– Luna of Luna's Journey! By

And last but definitely not least, the comical boetheri trio in the background (whose antics and expressions alone make the whole comic a worthwhile read)– Jaith, Tai and Tren from Twisted Mirrors! By

And the slightly xenophobic Laskar wraps up the rest of the page with a bit of irony.