Page 365

KimLuster on Feb. 25, 2017

The BogeyMan!! I loved Call Me Tom's comic ‘The Understanding’ more than he did I think, cuz he canned it! But with plans to redo it (I hope)… I especially loved his character Bogeyman! The Monster struck such a chord with me! The way Tom rendered him was so raw and visceral; genuinely scary. I hope we see him again!! I feel confident in that - like Jason and Freddie, some monsters never die!!

And Tom graciously said I could create a character inspired by him…! It's perfect! This story, so dream-themed, and now a real creature from nightmares shows up. I think it'll tie together well in a few pages!

Speaking of pages - delay coming, because…

PC Update!! After my crash, I got a spankin' brand new Alienware Tower that is so powerful I'm afraid it might take over the house, but there are some… issues

My old image editing software will NOT work with it, so I have to learn something new. I've downloaded Gimp (for touchup) and a couple other apps for adding speech balloons, etc… but these things look like Babylonian Etchings to me. There will be a learning curve, so the next page could be delayed a good bit. (had to get a new Scanner to, but that wasn't too big a deal)

But I'm working with it and will have new pages out… not too long from now I hope.

Thanks for Reading everyone, and for your overall support!!