Page 366

KimLuster on March 3, 2017

Well, here's my first page using GIMP for editing (really just enhancing color and shadow) and using IPhotodraw for the Text and Balloons. I'm actually figuring out GIMP relatively quickly I think (how to use layers, paths, brushes) - in fact, I'm contemplating an attempt at doing the color for an upcoming page using Gimp (I'd still have to draw and ink everything on regular paper and scan - ain't no way I could actually draw digitally). Anyway, thinking about it!

No matter what I decide, I'm back in action! The pages could be a little slower until I get more comfortable I can't see a page ever taking more than a week!

Anyway, the page…! Kimber Lee maybe shouldn't have decided to ignore the snipers first - they have pretty good aim when she's not dodging them. She'll keep an eye out for them from now on *HAW!!* (yeah, that was cringe-awful ;))

(yeah Bravo, I know… Colonel should've used Snipers to counter Snipers - let's just say they got ambushed before they had time to take positions… I remember in Saving Private Ryan, they had a sniper, but they were on the move a lot and he wasn't always in a position to snipe away ;))

Point of interest: Bogey's weird speech! I'm actually ripping off Call Me Tom even more! He had Bogeyman quoting lyrics from a song Hush Hush Here Comes the BogeyMan, by Henry Hall! I'm doing the same, just paraphrasing/mangling a bit more! :D

Whew! Thank for Reading Everyone!!