Flying apples... flapples?

hieifan1 on Dec. 2, 2009

Sorry this is so very, very, late. I actually have good reasons this time. My computer contracted all of these random viruses, including a (i)rootkit(/i) virus, to all of those nerds out there. Those are horrible, I thought I would have to reinstall my operating system. Then, when it was better, one of my drives decided to crash. I was like “Yay, computers!” and it was like “NO!! I DON'T WANNA!” spoiled brat. Then, when THAT was fixed, I started to take kung fu lessons, and got caught up with that and homework.

I'm sad, I really wanted to do a halloween comic :( I was GONNA do a thanksgiving comic, but not all people may be in the U.S. GAH. So, I worked on this for two days, budgeting my time, and TADA! I'll try to go on a regular basis, but you never know how much homework you're gonna get. Like right now. Gotta go do that. Bye.

Thanks to all who still read this!

Edit: sorry, I completely forgot what the size of the page was. Here it is, again, without all of the blemishes magnified. Oh, and the flapples are basically the equivalent of “Look! A distraction!” to genna and katin