The Idiot - first doodle

Gordon on May 2, 2006

I have this idea, but I'm still working on it.

The next few strips will be more than likely sub-par. I'm trying to get a feel for the character and the humor.

My intention is to satirize the current president (who is almost always an idiot), with flashbacks to other idiot presidents of the past. But it won't be exactly current events most of the time. I don't know…as I said, I'm still working on it.

But I have to admit that the current one seems amazingly inept.

One of the reasons I'm using Drunk Duck is because it's free. I want to see if I can keep some sort of regular schedule before I really commit myself.

If you like it, tell people about it…but for right now I'm just experimenting and won't be pushing it on anyone for a while.