A cover without a use.

Stellar on March 2, 2015

Hello, it's been quite a while. In the months that my scanner was broke I spent a lot of time working on an animation for my new Patreon account and getting my DeviantArt cleaned up. I plan to continue uploading to the Duck, but pages will come a week later than DA. It's a plan to keep progressing and start being more professional; not only did I get a scanner I invested in a Wacom tablet so tone and color will happen easier and more efficiently as you can see here.
See my months of effort here https://www.patreon.com/blueswoon
and if you so desire, swap over to follow my DA http://blueswoon.deviantart.com/
Page ZeroFive has been done for a long time now and will be posted Thursday on DA, expect it here on the Duck on the twelfth. I also racked up a backlog with finished pages including Six, Seven and some important pages through the teens.
Until then, sweet dreams, my inklings.