Gertrude & Brunhilda 60

KAM on Oct. 13, 2006

The curse of Friday the 13th kept me from updating.

I thought about the ethical/moral/legal implications shortly after I started this story, & decided I should at least address them.

I was going to draw them standing, but really didn't want to do that, so I decided to have them sitting, then decided they would be in spinning chairs!

Don't put your characters in spinning chairs, they'll just abuse the privilige.

Another question I thought about, but decided not to do as a cartoon, Would Nikki have slept with Jason?
Not for the money. However she is single & she did find him attractive (remember the blush), but it wouldn't have happened since Jason was only being a gentleman because he was worried about what might happen if he slept with the demon's intended bride. (He was worried the demon might take away his manhood. Muhahahahahahahahaha! ;-)

One more cartoon then I can tak a break from the girls… for about a week. D'oh!