Life & Brunhilda

KAM on Feb. 26, 2007

Anyone here not know that Bobby & Lou come from Life & Death?

I know it's unusual to have a Life & Death cameo without featuring Steve, but the pub manager wouldn't allow the team of wild horses to come in & drag Steve out.

Brunhilda's attraction to Bobby first popped up when I was thinking up dialogue for Steve's guest appearance during the Third Valkyrie storyline. Surprised the hell outa me. Finally I realized it was because she was one of those mythical women who are actually attracted to nice guys. Weird.

And now for some fun rambling.

How tall are Bobby & Steve?

Well depending on Joff's drawing they seem to be 6-8 inches taller than the girls.

Gertrude & Brunhilda are the same height as Nikki.

Nikki is the same height as KAM (me).

I'm 5'10“, so Bobby & Steve are around 6'4”-6'6".

Either that or they wear shoes with very thick soles. ;-)