Ratatosk, God of the Squirrels 2

KAM on May 23, 2007

Previously in the Squirrel Wars
Ratatosk, self-appointed God of the Squirrels, was upset at the way squirrels were being treated &, egged on by a mysterious female squirrel, declared war on humans.

Using a magic transformation amulet he turned two old enemies, Gertrude & Brunhilda, into squirrel girls. While giving a trusted aide a magical Draupner Ring, with which to spread word of the War, squirrelified Gertrude & Brunhilda attacked going through the portal created by the ring and ending up in PSI.

Meanwhile in Candi the Squirrel Mafia got their hands on a bracelet that would allow the wearer to go to other universes & a test squirrel, & the telepathic flying ferret Menjou, eventually ended up in PSI as well where the Candi squirrel dropped the bracelet.

The Candi squirrel & the KAMics squirrel created a portal with the draupner ring & Menjou followed them before the portal closed. After a series of adventures Menjou ended up teaming up with Lynette & Skipper of Sharing A Universe & Sash of the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan where after getting information from a drugged-out squirrel went to a universe that almost, but not exactly, resembled that of El Goonish Shive & stole a squirrel statue.

Lynette, Skipper & Menjou then left with the statue to meet Ratatosk.

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This comic continues from Sharing A Universe & will continue in Sharing A Universe tomorrow.

This is part of the Squirrel Wars of the Crossover Wars