Gertrude & Brunhilda 93

KAM on July 8, 2008

One problem with drawing characters i didn't design is that i tend to forget little things… like what color they are. Last time I colored them black forgetting that I had been coloring them a dark grey since flat black over so much area is too much.

I think I'll just invent a camoflage switch that makes them look more like normal horses. ;-)

While Blaze & Bolt can communicate with each other, they can not talk to the girls. The reason is fairly simple. As robots I imagine that Blaze & Bolt are smarter than the girls & if they could they'd try & talk the girls out of doing stupid things that put them in danger. Since the girls getting into danger is the basic schtick of the comic having characters with common sense would mean the end of the comic, and no one wants that. ;-)