Chapter one - page 13

Metruis on March 12, 2010

I reach a point where I tend to go ‘augh I’ve been photoshopping forever, my wrist is cracking NO MOOOORE' after about three or four hours, which fortunately is what it takes me to fully shade a page as long as I've already put the text and backgrounds together… and even without if I can just copy a background from before.

This page had no background reference so I had to draw a new one. Okay, no problem. I wanted a map in the background. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…kaaay… nooooo… four hours later… problem…



I spent as much time on that freaking map as I did the rest of the page. I may make a large version available if the co-conspiritor behind the world's cool with it.

Anyway, I did the panels out of order. I did all the backgrounds first (since I had to do a new background) and then I did the two inset panels, then the bottom panels, then the top. I started running out of steam around the fourth panel, and then on the last one I did kinda crashed. So it's a bit rougher around the edges. By edges I mean things like hands, Gotel's pose, etc. Normally I'd polish those if I wasn't happy with them or entirely redo them. Oh well. Maybe later. I'm done with the computer for the night.

@Ironscarf Man, what a great review! Thanks! I'm certainly trying to pitch emotions subtly into the blend and present the whole faded dreams story.