Christmas, 2007

Sephrenia MoonDragon on Dec. 24, 2007




And all of that jaz. I apologize if I had missed any other winter holidays of other customs, religions, and traditions. Christmas is part of my religion so I shall send you a greeting in my own words. If you do not celebrate any holiday other than winter break, (being an atheist or whatever you are), I send you my fondest wishes and greetings. I wish you all good fortune in the upcoming year of 2008. May we all be brought fortunes greater or just as large as the fortunes of 2007 and may none of us be brought down with misfortune nor those of our family members. Oh, and it would be nice if the world wasn't screwed up for just one more year too.

So, happy holidays. I send this a little late because I am working via laptop and I just finished the picture yesterday. I am proud of it even if it took less than an hour to make. (The best ones seem to take the least time in my opinion).

I hope to update again soon.

So as always, and I hope you will all be kept safe on the road, as I was (because I didn't travel to Alabama like last year! hah!)