nother possible cover image

Kristen Gudsnuk on March 21, 2009

I much prefer this painting to the other cover actually… I did it before I wrote this story (heh!) and… actually it has a story behind it! I was feeling post-watchmen dystopian circa this december, and could best express it through acrylic paints for some reason. So I painted this, with newspaper clippings. And this thursday, I visited my sister Kathryn at Univ. of Hartford, and in her apartment I see my painting! I had given it to her, as she had complained about sparse walls. WELL! she didn't even put it up– she had it hidden!! And I like this painting a lot. I would hang it up. *pout* she said it was too creepy. but I made itttt.

oh well! so I took it back, once again proving (time and time and time again) that I am indeed my biggest fan. What do I care? at least I have one huge slobbering fan: me.

And then I noticed that the girl looks like Jadwiga, and so now it's a potential cover!! :D:D:D
wellll~~ hope you like! new page coming sometime.. I've been working on my new story : ] and on reading kavalier & clay for the upcoming arrival of michael chabon! w0000t!!

ps: note the bottom corners: the rorschach symbol on one side, and my “signature” for that painting on the other– the letter “K” for Kristen, in wax! I used one of those fancy letter-sealers. cooool yeahh