Artist Introduction: Elaine

ThePandoraProject on April 8, 2008

Lemniskate (05-27-2009):
Elaine, however, is still on board.

Current recruiting thread.

Veritas (04-09-2008):
I wanted to get Elaine's permission before I posted this, which was the reason why I've waited so long today to update. However, I've yet to see her online, so I'll just post it, and, if need be, take it down later.

Do you see how the art is uncolored? Well, we need you to color it for us! The project's goal is to team up each artists with a colorer, and work together to create an amazing graphic novel! For this to happen, we need you.
We're always looking for artists, and we're always looking for colorers. If you're a word balloonist, you can talk to me, and we'll see if you can team up with one of the artists to make a really unique team!

It's good to have Elaine on board. She's a writer of short stories and novels, and very vivid with her words. Maybe I can learn something for her!

If you're willing to join us in this amazing project, you can always contact me or email me at Also, look at our info thread here.

Until next time!