Pastaman #1 - Originally published March 2003

ljs5123 on Jan. 3, 2007

This cover pays tribute to the Golden Age comic book covers of World War II. Especially relivant due to the recent passing of Martin Nodell and Jack Burnley, two greats that helped pioneer the comic book medium. Pastaman, when printed in 2003, used a single staple in the spine as they did during the war to conserve metal for the war effort. Come to think of it, back then they had scrap metal drives, bond drives and other activities to give the country a shared sense of “doing your part to achieve victory”. Today, sadly, we're asked to simply spend our money at the mall or Wal-Mart. I'm taking extra time to color my original black & white pages and (with luck) hope to post a page every Thursday.
Hope you enjoy.