Dreams - 01 - 004

BlackDagger on June 23, 2009

yeah, sorry guys for being so damn late on this page. life is full of surprises, and i was a lot busier than i expected, but better late than never!

i tried to make up for it by putting in a few extra hours of work into it, no point in posting “late” and having it look like turd. from now on i'll update at least once a week, because the quality seems to be better when i don't rush. so expect another page within a week *crosses fingers*

thanks everyone for commenting and rating, it's very much appreciated.
Miss504 - thank you :)

Dark Matter - you're too kind, thanks.

Pit_Face - yeah, it's kind of a good thing that being a webcomic creator makes you get to the point faster, but the downside is of course you lose a certain amount of depth to the story when you do. and yeah, having fun every once in a while doesn't hurt lol. and yes, in a way this is where this story gets it's name, but you'll see why and how it connects.

slackmaster - yeah me too lol. just kidding, i know what it's about, but you'll have to wait a little longer :P