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sjcomix on March 21, 2009


Is a futuristic Sci-fi epic about the depletion of natural resources, population growth, the renewal and survival of mankind.

Diane Summers …witty and ambitious, Amy Rose…giddy and funny, are best friends who work for the same advertising corporation, they earn a lousy-pay and their repetitious duties are becoming boring. Wanting to make a career change, Diane an Amy are inspired by a newspaper want-ad for Space-Freighter pilots/operators, they apply, go through vigorous and at many time humorous training. Amy and Diane become Space-Freighter pilots/operators; they soon find out, they’ve got themselves into more then what they’d bargained for…dealing with a cheapskate boss, space pirates and pay cuts…due to lost shipments and late deliveries.

This is the comic for that’ mature audience, whom likes odd cartoons, action-packed Martial Arts and bloody-fights movies; —with this in mind, Stick-Figure Showdown was created!" Well…basically, when I draw the pages for this comic, I don’t use any penciling to create the drawings, …only pens, markers, templates and a ruler are used; the pages I’ve sent you, were created in this manner. I know it might sound strange, but I seem to be moving quite fluently in creating this comic, “maybe it’s the freestyle drawing..!”

Pint-sized robots in humorous situations.

The advancement of technology and the dangers of its abuse.

Ever wondered what a somewhat mixture of, POKéMON, DIGIMON, DRAGONBALL Z with lots of comical humor and Martial Arts? That’s what BERZERK is all about!

BATLLEMITES: (Saga-1, issue-1 cover).
Brats with magical powers cause chaos, takesover the world and the kids, who have to restore order to it.

This is a dark comedy with lots of humor, plenty of gore and the coming togetherness’ of (all walks of life), to simply survive a (crazed-zombie-horde onslaught).

I will upload comic/manga pages ever week!