#24 If you hate your name, don't make it that obvious. People will take liberty upon that to lower your self esteem

Sora Sage on Feb. 14, 2009

And as a loverly surprise, we bring you the laziest ever done episode in, like, ever. And guess how long it took me to make it? Forever. Why? Because I would just get up to go make a snack or see what's on TV and forget about it for days at a time. And all that time I could have spent on the story, but didn't.

But in the meanwhile, I've been working on another comic. I got two pages inked and the third one isn't even half-way finished. And I've been planning on it for how long? Since over a year ago? Sheesh!

In other news, I just now realized that the earphones from my virtually unused mp3 can also work as computer earphones. The audio is blarg but works great for music and stuff that already has blarg sound. Now I finally have an excuse to use that darn thing.

This just in, that large block of space is due to the very long title…
Should I shorten that very long title?

update: Wow, this can be a super depressing way to leave off. Haha. Oh well, there's a forest below them, they'll be fiiiiiine.