Act 7 Page 13

mks_monsters on June 9, 2018

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As sad as it is, people who were coloured in the Victorian Age and living in North America while being poor, orphaned and female did not have it good and often did wind up like Lucy. They would up on the streets, turn to crime or get “recruited” into not-so-great-work when they became too old to be adopted. Plus, as much as I hate saying it, coloured kids were less likely to be adopted and mixed kids even less so because they were a living taboo (white people and black people were forbidden from mingling).
I usually don't comment on pages, but I wanted to explain Lucy's backstory in a way that made sense and why she is so toughened. She came from a harsh life for the most unjust reason imaginable, but now, she escaped prostitution for good and has a clean job where she is treated like a person.

I used a lot of my courage and researched extensively to make Lucy and I hope I didn't mess it up.