Chapter 03 _ pg 06

Pelica on Jan. 30, 2008

(Auto) x_x Poor feathers… getting called a freak. O_o Come to think of it, Yasuri called Yahei that too. What is WITH her? xD Anyway, yeah. Now you get to see feathers' human form–well, almost human. A shame he's being treated so cruelly when all he was doing was bringing Yasuri some food…

:D I'm inking a lot of the page by hand now; before, I used the computer to fill in blacks and stuff, but now I use my clearly dying pen. :0 The grey color and font is still computer…ed. All this exploring in comic inking makes me feel bad about the first chapter, but seeing as i'm at chapter 3, I don't want to turn back! >:0 ONLY FORWARRRRD