Monsters - Pg. 2

Abt_Nihil on June 14, 2009

This is the second of three pages of a short story I wrote and drew in February for the fourth volume of German indie comics anthology JAZAM!. It's being released these days, so I can finally share these pages with you.

This was probably the first comic in over a decade which I wrote in German, and not straight away in English. Translating wordy pages like this, especially on a late Sunday evening after coming back from a long day of drawing some smexy ROGUE and THE INVISIBLE WOMAN for giggling balding nerdy guys at the Munich Comicfestival, can turn out to resemble ACTUAL WORK (because sadly I wasn't allowed to draw her in “invisible” mode, sigh ;-D). So I hope I got everything right here, and that the text makes sense…

Oh yeah, and I hope you enjoy wordy pages.


DAJB: Heh, thanks a lot! I guess I should check out “Pugnuggle Tales” then! *wanders off*

Midge: lol… yeah, I feared as much :D And yup… 100 points for identifying the demon!

Nepath: Thanks for stopping by, glad you're enjoying it!

Jabali: Yay! :D Thanks a lot!

JNP: Thanks! Well, I do use lower case letters sometimes, but caps tend to be better readable at a smaller size, and you know I squeeze ‘em in everywhere… but generally I don’t have an answer for that. Seems like a comic book tradition for some reason.