Monsters - Pg. 3

Abt_Nihil on June 21, 2009

And so the demon is revealed!

This is the last of three pages of a short story I wrote and drew in February for the fourth volume of German indie comics anthology JAZAM!. It's being released these days, so I can finally share these pages with you.

Oh, and that's not a font - that's me improvising some sort of mythological language :D

I hope this 3-pager was a nice little appetizer for what's to come!


plymayer: Thanks!

Midge: Yay! Mission accomplished :3

DAJB: That sounds… kinky ;-)

mind_reader: Yeah, I'm aiming for longer stories :D Thanks a lot!

Jabali: Thank you very much! *takes a bow*

JNP: I'm afraid she's too cheap to afford more sets of glasses :D And I'm not quite sure which “sisters” you're referring to @__@

patoborracho: Yes!! :3 I'll delve into that further down the road.

JNP: I think I'm starting to get it… you're making me feel very slow! :3 Well, to answer your question, their exact relationships are hard to determine. Say, they were materialized from the same idea… or they express the same idea… they're like they're the same word… something like that.

Nepath: Thanks!

mind_reader: Thanks a lot for the offer! I was a bit too optimistic in thinking I could work on four comics at once… so for the time being, three it is.