Page 04, unreasonable

Udyr on April 9, 2017

Oh what is this, AN UPDATE?
I'm honestly not sure if i will continue this in full color or not, because it would take off alot of workload of me, and in a way it is a way for me to get better on lineart and details.
I'm putting this up anyway, ill try get some updates up now and then, whenever i got time on my hands for it.
This page were left with only 1 panel inked for about 3-4 months, then i picked it up a few days ago because i felt like continue on it, but the old scetch were so…awkwardly drawn i had trouble actually draw this page!
I did some changes, but im very curious how the next couple of pages will turn out with all that new drawing-experience ive gained the past months while working on Extinct. I can already see some improvements in my own art even if its sort of done 50/50 me 4 months ago and me 4 months later. Not huge improvements, but some…!