Total Insanity comes to an End...but peacefully.

gothicpoet on Jan. 16, 2009

yeah you heard me…. Total Insanity is finished….. why?

I don't feel there is anything more i can tell. After a long break and really thinking about it… if i did Total Insanity still it would suck and never work in the end.

I ended with a text based thing because that's what i've been doing. I've moved onto other things such as writing and i'm now in college and i need to focus on that.

when i started Total Insanity, i was exactly these characters. i was in 10th grade and the only kid in class with a brain. Things change and that kid is now 19 years old and struggling with new tasks. I've moved on and its hard to keep up four main characters when you really are tired of doing the same thing for three years almost.

I will come back though, not with TI. but with a new series… and hopefully you guys will like them too. it will be on a similar basis as TI i'm sure. but i'm hoping to keep it at least adult and no nudity….lol

just keep a look out for Rogue Shadow or Gothic Poet….*grins* you never know with me.

who knows i may focus on just Anfri and Chibi Freak (since they are my favorite characters). who really knows.

Total Insanity (the main line) is done high school is over or just ending for them, and its time to move on to something a lot better than high school.