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shino on Feb. 10, 2009

i love you guys hope you havent forgoten about me and TH; hehe well i should be about to update every wensday this month woot!!! hahaha just been busy with my little tree!!! but i still will make time for you guys… and LADYS!!!!!

Sei:aaahhhww thank you ive been good gots me a boyfriend and hes so sweet kind and loving ^w^ and just PQ me if you have any questions about codeing and templets… i suck at exsplaining but i'll do my best!
llawliet11:Why thank you love!!!
Tamerlane:haha thank you so much and i've fallen soo behind and GuGo T.T but i all ready started hehehe oh and did you see i linked you!! yup yup yup!!!!
Akki333:hehehehe yup and yet a nother one!!!
hope you guys like!!!