128: Reunion

Ian Jay on Jan. 19, 2008

Hey guys! I gotta make this quick– I have a dinner date in like five minutes.

I've been really busy with a number of projects recently, including a play (Steve Martin's “WASP”– I'm playing the dad), my radio show, homework, various other projects, and of course just generally goofing off with friends whenever I have the time. The weather here's been fairly colder and rainier than last semester, but whatever. Overall, I'm having a good time.

As you may have noticed, acute readers, the address “teocomic.com” now links to the DD page, not the SS page. This is mainly due to technical issues with SS's FTP server. I'm a little bummed out that TEO has to end on the mirror site, but not that bummed out; after all, it could be seen as rather cyclical, poetic even, to have TEO end on the very same amateur webpage it started on. (And we're so close to the end of Book Two! It's crazy!) …Anyways, you guys are still free to comment and e-mail me and stuff. Just do it on here instead of over there. And let me know how this works out for you.

In conclusion… I dunno… maybe some Tuvan throat singing. I'm like crazy for this shit right now. Can't explain why. I just am. I wish I knew how to do it myself.


Ian Jay