Unlimited Evil Issue #1 Cover

darth_paul on Feb. 16, 2010

“Unlimited Evil” is the comic that I've been working on for quite a few years now. The cover here is all new, as are the most recent pages 10 and beyond. Pages 1-9 are all older, and I might redo them someday, but for now I'm leaving them as they are just to get this comic finished. Also, it is a continuing story from previous comics, that I did when I was younger that cannot be posted online unless they are also redone. This entire saga however, will lead into a major reboot of my entire Coolstar Comics Universe and I do intend to redo a lot of my older unpublishable stuff in new ways in the future once this story is all said and done.

Update 2-28-11 - The first two pages have been updated with all new graphics and some additional dialog. In the coming months I will continue to update the rest of the first nine pages of the first chapter to better flow graphically and textually with the rest of the newer pages, however I will be retaining the old 2009 signature and copyright graphics on the pages so as to not interrupt the continuity of the comic as it was originally published.