usedbooks on July 27, 2020

July's been kinda nuts, but to anyone still with me, thanks for sticking around (or coming back). I have been working on this page almost every day except for about four days when I had to rest my wrist. It doesn't look like it took a month. :P

While deciding exactly what to call this color, I googled “shades of cyan.” I discovered that it's also called ‘celeste,’ which is a weird coincidence since I legitimately didn't know that when I was coming up with Celes's palette (quite a few years ago). Those ships in panel one are “Adventure Price,” “Jolly Roger,” and “Fancy.” Jack's MO is expensive new things + pirates, and basically living in the moment and indulgence. (Honestly, I have really enjoyed creating his character. He's not very deep or complex; very easy to follow his motivations.)

Oh, and Drunk Duck Awards voting is open for a bit over a week longer, so go take part in that if you haven't yet. Go volunteer to take part in judging and/or presenting too.