usedbooks on July 17, 2019

I'm RE-UPLOADING Used Books this week because for some reason, DD was not showing it as updated. >:[

Trying again. From the original posting Monday:

The imagery on the next couple pages changed as I was working on some upcoming story arcs. My writing process has a lot of backtracking to get things to fit together and plant some foreshadowing. (It pays to be working on three or four scripts at once.)

I had an idea to put this vision of Kaida in a crown braid, but it became apparent that the shape wouldn't read in jet black hair, so I wove some ornaments into it.


I had to delete the two lovely comments I had, so here they are:

Peipei at 11:52PM, July 15, 2019 delete
This is super interesting :o it's like she's talking to him on the other side. Like she's at in between coaxing him to not go in to the light.

usedbooks at 7:50AM, July 16, 2019 delete
I'm glad you like it. That's a pretty good/close interpretation of what's going on.

Anubis at 6:53PM, July 15, 2019 delete
The ornaments do make the crown look

usedbooks at 7:49AM, July 16, 2019 delete
It's hard to create styles in black hair. Lol